Friday, December 21, 2012


With December more then half over I decided we better go and do some fun Christmasy things with the kids.
We took them to a fun toy store to look at all of the fun things Santa could bring.
Ella so badly wants a real turtle. I think it might be a few more years before Santa would even think about that.
Of course Ryan and Jacob spent just as much time checking out all of the toys.
Jack wanted to ride this horse so badly, but then became a little embarrassed about it.
Finally to meet Santa!
It was a last minute decision to run to the mall. I guess I didn't look to closely at how the kids were dressed, they look a little homeless.
A few days later we made the drive up to Salt Lake to see the nativity and Christmas lights at temple square.

Sami, Tyler, Abby and Jacob came along.
Our little family!
I remember a couple of years ago having our picture taken at temple square around Christmas time. At the time I was thinking- there's someone missing in this picture. I glad that Lilly was with us this time! (See here)

After hanging out temple square we decided we wanted to try and take the kids to do something they have never done before.... ice skating! It was just a short walk, a couple of blocks away.
The kids were beyond thrilled!! Ella had only gone ice skating once before when she was very little and didn't remember.
Within just a few minutes Ella was so GOOD! She loved every second and never stopped!

The girls were so silly

Jack had a little harder of a time. He wanted to hold someone's hand always the whole time.

Having Lilly with us I decided not to skate and just sit on the sidelines with her. She was pretty mad she wasn't able to participate. Anytime I set her down she ran to the ice.
Ryan slid Lilly around on her shoes for a little while.
Jacob and Ryan finally helped Jack figure out his skates and by the end he was pretty good on his own too!
Tyler, Lilly and I tried staying warm by a fire.
Sami and Jacob especially had a lot of fun being dramatic.

Jacob might just have a future in figure skating!

It was SUCH a fun night!! One I'm sure that none of us will forget. I'm sure from now on it will be a tradition for our family.

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