Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December Instagrams

1. Lilly loves her bike
2. Beep beep
3. Lilly got a hold of my phone without me knowing
4. Ella got to take home the class experiment. A little goldfish. As predicted, it died within two days
5. Bought a REAL Christmas tree at Jacob's insistence!! Too bad I forgot it was on the roof and tried pulling into the garage, oops!
6. All set up, smells SO good!!
1. Chris mouse got here, watch out kids!
2. went to a live nativity, so sweet and realistic feeling!
3. Flowers from Ryan for our wedding anniversary. 10 years!!
4. Lilly being naughty and pulling off ornaments.
5. How can you get mad at a baby.
6. Jack LOVES chocolate cake! Who needs a fork!?
1. Whittakers come to visit
2. Watching Christmas movies!!
3. Bangs!!
4. Necklaces again
5. Love all things girly
6. We love hot cocoa!
1. The Grinch is Ryan's favorite Christmas movie
2. Coloring by the light of the tree
3. Cheese!
4. Home Alone is Jack's favorite Christmas movie (mine too!)
5. Ultrasound and everything looks good!
6. Seeing Santa!! What a bunch of ragamuffins! At least no one is crying!
1. Lilly
2. Jack
3. Ella- every year I say I'm not going to buy new stockings.. oh well
4. Jack's Christmas wish, to have a matching hat with Jacob
5. Tiffany's birthday!!
6. I WON!!!
1. Grocery stores can have mascots too!
2. More hot cocoa!
3. The tree is looking more and more pulled apart. Thank you Lilly
4. The kids got to be in a live nativity! Wise men!
5. Snow on the road to school
6. Activity days- Ella planned a family home evening
1. Not much to do when it's cold outside
2. Tucanos!
3. Lilly trying to be a good helper
4. Salt Lake Temple
5. Jack
6. Ella. Love to see the temple lights
1. Reeds in town!
2. Liam
3. Is big
4. Ethan's birthday party!
5. Swimming at the hotel!
6. Cousin's!
1. Robinson Christmas party
2. Crazy
3. Girls
4. I would throw up
5. Jack loves being a Jedi
6. Sending out Christmas cards
1. He's going to be as naughty as Lilly soon
2. That smile, I melt
3. Harvey
4. Cousin's need naps
5. The kids in the live nativity
6. Jack refused to go, then when it was over said he loved it! ?
1. Christmas shopping
2. and
3. Trying on hats
4. Jacob's last day in Utah! So sad....
5. Best buds/siblings
6. Check up for Lilly, still tiny!
1. Lilly unsure if she likes Panda Express
2. Christmas shopping at the mall
3. Snow on the mountains
4. Already double tasking! She's such a good helper!
5. Bed time!
6. Loves wearing Mom's high heels!
1. Primary
2. Acting out nativity
3. Jack's a weirdo
4. Lunch!
5. Thanks for the stickers Aunt Sarah!
6. Some snow!
1. Christmas Eve
2. Finally some good snow
3. Making a gingerbread house
4. Celebrating Lucia day
5. Acting out a live nativity
6. Christmas is almost here!!
1. Ella's favorite gift from Christmas- a kindle fire- thank you Santa!
2. Jack favorite gift- the batcave- thank you Santa!
3. Too many presents makes you sleepy
4. Batman loves Christmas
5. Hanging out in jammies all day!
6. Day after Christmas movie
1. Lilly's
2. Too
3. Big
4. Kisses
5. Tyler was trying to keep her warm
6. Didn't love it
1. Christmas break fun
2. Jack LOVES to bowl!
3. Nice hair Lilly
4. oops
5. Chubby little cheeks
6. Tub time!

1. Using gift cards
2. Wearing new clothes
3. Sharing
4. McDonald's play place
5. Chicken nuggets
6. Yogurt comma
1. Thinks she's a big girl and can sit at the counter
2. I guess she showed me!
3. Last day with the tree up. It's going to catch on fire!
3. Date night! Wont go there again
4. Go home Lilly, you're drunk
5. Last day of 2012- Welcome 2013!!!

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