Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years

In the week after Christmas there was a lot of hanging around in PJ's and playing with new toys.
Poor Ella....
Lilly loves Tiffy!
This year John and Tiffany invited us to a New Years party.
It was a lot of fun, food and games.
Thanks for having us over! It was so much fun!

Ella and Avorie- our nine year olds
Tiffany had hats, horns and necklaces for all of the kids!
We didn't stay too late at the Robinson's. 
We got home and had a little family party for a few minutes before bed.
Lilly loved wearing her hat!

Lilly wanted to cuddle and watch the ball drop too.
We were a pretty exciting party.
It was a really fun night, but I was more then happy to go to bed too!
Happy New Year!!
This has been a great year, but I'm so excited for all of the changes and wonderful things that will come this year!

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