Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Random January

January has been a blur.
Lots of gymnastics, pre-school, play practice, homework, book reports, me working a bunch, Ryan busy at work. I keep thinking that life will slow down, but it just gets crazier!
Lilly LOVES shoes, especially my high heels.
At work she loves trying on any shoes that have been left around by other kids.
Jack started a little gymnastics class.
He had been looking forward to it for weeks!

He loved it right away and was able to do everything his coaches asked him to do.
Lilly was very sad. She wanted to run out there and play and do all of the tricks with her brother.
A couple of times she did get away and run over to Jack.

It was extra fun because his best friends Luke and Ammon are in the class with him.

Lilly again running off trying to do what the big kids were doing!
(Thank you for taking all of the pictures for me Sami!)
Jack wasn't feeling well.
I got him some blankets and old rags along with a big bowl just in case he threw up.
I think it's funny how he fell asleep with the bowl on his mouth. Poor guy. He felt much better the next day.
Lilly loves Sami and Tyler.
She also loves to play with hair now, just like Jack!
Jack's friend Seth had his birthday, Jack wanted to get him a matching batman costume.
These boys are so silly!

The other night Jack told me that he is now extremely strong and can lift a car.
This intrigued me and I requested he show me.
OH, this car. Yep, he sure can lift it!
Lilly wants to do EVERYTHING the older kids do, especially Jack.
She figured out how to climb onto the bar stools.
Except that's really dangerous.
We had to move them all into the garage.
She thinks she's so big!

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