Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Last of January

I started a little bunko group in my neighborhood. 
Lila was a good helper as we bought all of the prizes!

All ready!
There was a great turnout, we are going to keep it going!
Can't wait until next month!
(Special thanks to Lisa who helped!)

A little dessert after some Chinese. The kids always want Chinese, but it's so hard to find a good place.

I hate homework! I think that I hate it more then they do!

My Dad loves going out for breakfast.
So on we all went out to get some donuts at a new place down the street.
SO yumy!

After donuts we drove down for Brielle's birthday party.
These girls have been friends since before they were born :)

Happy Birthday Bri-Bri!

Lilly is LOVING being in ballet! She looks forward to it every week!

Oh.. what a life...

Sometimes when I'm out shopping and the girls start getting crazy, it makes me go crazy.
Nothing a little Culvers can't fix.

Most mornings Lila is pretty sad when Daddy has to go to work. I'm pretty sad too.

Another day of running errands and another day of lunch out.

The kids always want to go meet them for lunch at school. 
The babies love it too!
Recess after lunch. Ella loves showing off her baby sisters.

It was 100 days of school- Jack had 100 band-aids all over his body!
(Thanks for the idea Ashlee!)

Loved finding this posting in the hall! Which one if Jack?
Jack and his friends are totally into Pokemon right now. They trade and play every recess.

Ella had her science fair judging. She was pretty nervous, but I think she did great!

All of the kids wanted to have sleepovers.. 
We don't normally have people sleepover, but made a special exception.

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