Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Ryan

Ryan's day started with a yummy breakfast, cards from the kids and some gifts from me.

We had planned for a group of us to go eat at the Cheese Cake Factory.
I went to meet up with Ryan after work, but he was caught with a client!
I waited in a park and ride for almost two hours while everyone else was waiting at the restaurant.
Sorry everyone!
It was worth the wait.. I love their chicken!
Ryan got to open gifts and eat some yummy cheesecake.

Thank you everyone who came and was SO patient!

He was laughing.. everyone else was laughing.. but he really did want a soap making kit!

Then tonight we got around to using his birthday gift.
It really is what he wanted so bad! They turned out great! 
Ryan's new hobby.. ? For sure!!
Happy Birthday Ryan! I hope that you felt as special as you truly are!

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