Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Last of Winter Break

Why are there no really good Chinese food places..?
We tried yet another place.. I guess Lila liked the melty ice cream

We took the kids to the movies.. I guess we could have saved some money and just had them ride this train all night..

Lila has shown a little interest in the potty. I hope it continues! 

Lilly is such a lazy butt. She could lounge all day watching TV. As long as she has snacks.

Ryan's been playing his new video game every night.

I have such good helpers at the grocery store.

This baby has such a horrible mullet. I can't wait for it all to grow out!

Someone lost a front tooth!!

Ella is into sending and requesting silly pictures. I try and oblige when I can.

Lila figured out Nutella.
We still don't have a ton of snow, but it's too cold to play outside. Poor babies.

Lilly loves eating chicken "chick" legs.

Jeff Whittaker is in town, which means that he and Jacob will get into trouble.

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