Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yet ANOTHER day at the Lake

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these three pictures of Lilly! So... Lilly! I love it! Cheese!

So i'm starting to feel like I live at the lake.
Which would be fine except I think the water is gross and wont go in it and there are bugs.
But Ryan and the kids LOVE to swim in the lake and check out all of the wildlife.
I say the wave pool at seven peaks is a better beach.
This time we brought lots of sand toys and snacks, that made things easier.

Eating her treats. She's so adorable I can hardly stand it.

Almost 10 years people, TEN YEARS!!

Lilly's beach hat makes me happy :)

And then Jack was ready to go home. 
He packed everything up and started hauling it to the car.
Ryan and Ella however were still out in the water exploring. They sure can walk FAR out into the lake.
I was fine, watching these teenagers try not to get wet and finally giving up and throwing each other in the water. They were loud, but entertaining. 
Jack walked around yelling, trying to get Ryan's attention.
You can hardly see Jack's orange sweatshirt in the tall grass yelling to Ryan and Ella. 
Finally time to go home.
Ella really needed to go peeps. Like really bad. But there wasn't a bathroom anywhere.
Ryan told her to go in the lake, which she sat in for a while, trying to go. But couldn't. A true lady could never do such a thing!
The whole ride home Ella looked like she was dying! Afraid she would peeps in her pants I'm sure. Then in the middle of nowhere- on some back country road- with nothing for a mile- there was a port-a-potty! I should have taken a picture of it, seriously so random. But perfect for Ella.
She was so thankful she didn't have to peep in the lake... or the car.

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