Friday, June 1, 2012

Ella's LAST Day of 3rd Grade

There goes Ella into school for the last time this school year and the last time as a 3rd grader! 
She took a card and some flowers to her teacher. It was such a bitter sweet day. Ella has always been sad when school was over, but this year was the hardest to day goodbye.
School was only an hour and a half long for the day, the last 15 minutes I went into her classroom to get some photos.
Ella's whole class and lovely teacher!!

Ella posed with a couple of her friends for pictures, it was too crazy, we didn't get any more!
When talking to Ella's teacher, hugging and saying goodbye, I had to hold back the tears! She has been such a wonderful teacher for Ella. She just "got" Ella and the person that she is. She took the time to understand what Ella's needs were and was such an advocate for her! Ryan and I feel so blessed and know that it wasn't by chance that Ella was placed into the class she was. We will miss Mrs. Moschetti!! 
Now comes the stress of worrying about who Ella's 4th grade teacher will be!

Breaking into summer!!!
After we got home from school I told the kids to go get ready in their swimming suits.....
It was NOW officially summer break!!!
We headed out to the highland splash pad, a favorite from last year.
Jack wanted me to take pictures of him standing on each rock. Silly boy!

My cousin's Maisy and Abby were in town so they came along with Sami
It's so funny that my AUNT and I had babies just a couple of weeks apart from each other.

More being silly and wanting pictures taken
We are lunch and lounged in the warm sun. I may have lounged a little too long, because I got a terrible sunburn! I think it was actually the wet children who were constantly climbing into my lab and washing the sunscreen away. Ryan was pretty upset to say the least about me getting such a bad burn. Lesson learned!
I LOVE these pictures of Lilly (thanks Sami!) I love her sweet smile and cute new summer hat!
That was Ella's outfit when she was little. (Ella's first Gymboree outfit!)

Even though I thought the water was still pretty cold and it was rather windy, it didn't stop the girls from having fun and getting soaked!

Lilly's first time to any type of water park/place.
I thought she would scream when she touched the cold water, but she was fine.
Of course Jack had to try and sneak into one shot!

I love these pictures too!!!! (thanks again Sami!) 
And then Jack turned into a pumpkin and it was time to go home.

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