Friday, June 1, 2012

Ella's Last Real Day of School

The last full day of school everyone in the class got to dressed up really fancy. Ella wanted to dress up as someone famous, she was thrilled when her teacher guess right- Audrey Hepburn! 
Everyone got drinks and popcorn and candy.
Ella's teacher is so fun! She broke the class up into groups and had them write, act and film a little movie. 
On the last full day of school all of the parents were invited to come and watch all of the little movies.
Some of the students got up to explain the process.

Ella was so upset, she lost her card that told her what to say, but she did great!

Ella's movie was called "Wolf Girl". She wasn't the wolf, she was the valley girl type sister. She was awesome! Her teacher said she ad libbed most of it. It was very funny! 
(I will try and get a copy on here soon!)
After school we realized that we hadn't taken any pictures of Ella all dressed up.
All I said was smile......
Such a DIVA! Only one more day of school!

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