Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Lake

A couple of Sunday's ago Ryan decided he wanted to go for a drive, something that he likes to do often. This time we took a little road behind our house that wraps around Utah lake. Ryan was so excited to come across this little beach and of course had to stop. We had no idea it was there and especially how close it was to us.
The kids were a little unsure about everything. The sand isn't the best as it is mixed with a lot of other plant debris. The water is warm, but pretty murky. 
After a little while they started warming up to the idea

Ella was upset that she didn't have a swimming suit. The idea of swimming in clothes was totally weird to her. After enough coaxing from Ryan she finally did it.
Jack was slightly more brave and swam under water.
Ryan, Lilly and I found some nice shade and watched the older kids play.

Jack was filthy!!! But it was totally worth it since he had so much fun.
The lake is so shallow that the kids were able to swim pretty far out.

I love this.
We don't let our kids have a lot of soda and never with caffeine. In fact Jack knows to ask "Mom, does this kind have cappeine?" I don't know why we happened to have Coke, but we did and nothing else. So Jack got to have some. He asked why he isn't allowed to have Coke and I told him it was because it would make him crazy. After only a couple of sips this is what happened.

Asking if he was "crazy" yet.

It was a lot of fun. I think that we will end up spending a lot of our summer hanging out at the lake.

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