Thursday, November 13, 2008

No training wheels, I don't think so

Here's the story- last weekend we had a neighborhood garage sale. While I didn't find anything super cool, (like an awesome bookshelf or a little baby bike for Jack) I did find a baby bike seat. You know, the kind that hooks to your bike so that the baby is sitting right behind you. I was so excited! I LOVE good deals. It was never even really used. Anyways, Ryan's mom gave us some bikes a while ago. (They had been sitting in her garage for who knows how long.) None the less we were happy to get them (thank you Sandy!) and so on Ryan's last day off we all went out into the garage and got them ready for the road. Ella loved helping out her Daddy.
So we did it, took the training wheels off. Ella was VERY unsure. "No training wheels, I don't think so"

I wish that I had a picture of her trying without training wheels with Ryan. Instead I was video taping. But it was pretty funny, there was a lot of screaming and yelling and Ella was acting crazy too! (We always have to watch our family videos on mute. I'm always yelling "you can do it, yeah!" Really, just ask Lisa) No really, it didn't go well. As soon as she saw that Ryan wasn't holding onto the back of the bike (although his hand was two inches away) she just about biffed it. Poor thing. So we gave up for the day. We put the little wheels back on, only this time a lot more loose. So she can learn her balance a little more. We'll see what happens.
Jack LOVES to ride on the back of the bike! I couldn't believe it- he fell asleep in it! Hahahahaha! I felt so bad for him, his neck looked so uncomfortable. He didn't care.

The other day I got home from the grocery store and was unloading everything into the house and Jack was throwing a fit. I looked over and he was just about pulling my bike on top of himself. He REALLY wanted to go for a ride. I chucked everything inside and off we went. He just LOVES being outside! It's adorable! Even today he and I rode to wal-mart to return a movie! Almost every time we go down any little hill he screams "WWWWEEEEEE!" He's precious! Anyone up for a bike ride? Let me know.


Tiffany Robinson said...

AWWW! Ella will get there. We haven't started that yet. good find on the bike seat.

Dave and Courtney said...

so cute!! I love the pics of Jack asleep int he seat! :)

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