Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jackson Distruction Bailey

You can't see all of the wreck. There is more on the other side of the cabinets.

Yes, destruction IS his middle name. This kid! AH! You might think to yourself, uhm, what a stinker. He must have had some extra energy to cause this much trouble in one day. You would think that. But if you did then you obviously don't know our little Jack Jack very well. This happens EVERYDAY! Several times, a day. Everyday.
Of course I get to cleaning one mess just to find that he's made another. Yikes, what am I going to do with this guy!?
(you might also ask yourself why I haven't bought some locks for all of the cabinets. I have two answers. First, that would be a lot of locks because we have a lot of cabinets and we are renting. Second, when it really comes down to it I know that he's just trying to figure things out. He's curious. Why would I want to stop that?)
And so until next time Mr. Destructo!


The Bullards said...

I could insert Dillon's name into this post - this is our life story!!! It somehow makes me feel better that I don't have the only Mr. Destructo and am not the only one going from mess to mess all day long! :)

Tiffany Robinson said...

boys will be boys they say!

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