Saturday, March 12, 2016


 After a quick run to the mall these little girls wanted a picture with the horses..

 We are so ready for spring! On a "warm" day we went and fed the ducks.

 Ella got to participate in her schools "Battle of the Books".
She worked hard and read almost every book on the list.
She answered more questions then anyone else!
Unfortunately they didn't win. But Ella had a great time.

 Ella with some of her team mates. Next year she will read more and be better prepared.

 Lilly celebrating Dr. Susses birthday!
It's always an easy day to remember because it's my Dad's birthday too.
The fact that they share a birthday always made sense to me.

 Lila wanted to learn to knit from Aunt Natalie.

 Gotta show the sister when I fit into an xs.

 Another trip to the mall, this time it calls for a little lunch.

 Jack's first outdoor soccer practice. A little cold, but it felt good to be outside again.

 Dad's a donuts at school! So glad Ryan grabbed a picture!

 A bunch of us got colds.. There was a lot of laying around..

 This girl is such a character! 
She posed like this on her own and then asked me to take a picture.

 Even I caught it.. 

 But then Ella sends me photos of what she's doing down stairs.

 The night before Ryan and I were going on our cruise- (woohoo!) My Dad calls me and says he's had an accident, that I need to come get him now and take him to the hospital.
Uh, ok! Scary. I don't like phone calls like that.

 He was kick starting his motorcycle and it went right through his boot and into his foot!

Pretty scary and gross. We waited until we were finally able to get a hold of my Mom and have her make it to the hospital before we went home to get some sleep.
Poor guy.. no more riding motorcycles for a while.

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