Monday, February 29, 2016

February 2016

 Lilly's so cute. She found a way to be warm, even on this cold day.

These girls love these little carts, I don't know if anyone else in the store loves it..

 I GIVE UP....

 These girls were so happy to be able to try on their dance recital costumes for pictures.

 What a ham!

 Lilly wanted me to take her pictures outside.
Such a pretty girl!

 I love watching the littles play.. 

 In an effort to be better about one on one time, Jack and I grabbed a quick snack. Just me and him.

 So excited and waiting for Daddy to come home :)

 Can you see it? We've had so many deer in our yard this year!

 Lilly and I loved making these cute Valentines for her friends at school!

 Anna's getting married! It was so weird being at her bridal shower. This is really happening.

 Almost every morning I get the girls up and they are surrounded by books.
I hope they continue to always love reading.

 This morning the fog was unreal!
Super creepy.

 So if it's cold and foggy outside, that calls for donuts and hot cocoa.

 Early Valentines day to me!

 Alicia's Cravings in Pleasant Grove is a new favorite!!

 She has always slept with that little hard tucked under her head and I just love it.

 Ann's wedding!
So happy for her and Johnny!
Nanny Goat is married!

 Love matching, especially when you're little and it's your Aunt's wedding.

 The wedding and reception were so nice.. poor Lila wanted to catch the flowers so badly.
Chloe was nice enough to share.

 There aren't very many times you get to dance with your Dad.
Before I know it, it will be here wedding.

 More deer....

 The Valentine Fairy came!!
Just a couple little treats the for kiddos.

 It was so fun having family here for Anna's wedding.
Sarah and I text all the time,. and even when we are together.

Even though there is snow on the ground, it was such a nice-warmish day we had to go to the park.

 These girls came fight like no other, but then again, they can be the sweetest.


 I'm obsessed!! 

 Jack had a great indoor practice. I love it when the parents are able to participate.

Jack couldn't wipe the smile off his face all night.
After what felt like a lifetime to him, Jack finally got his first metal in soccer!

 We are so grateful for such an amazing team and especially his coach Mario!

 Grandma and Grandpa even came to watch!
And Neinah..

 My little shopping buddy.
We were so excited to get out and get things done, we even met up with friends Lisa and Brielle for lunch!

 Until Lila slammed her face into the table at lunch and her top tooth went all the way through her bottom lip!
I called the doctor and they said go straight into the ER.

 It was the fastest ER visit ever... not the way I wanted to spend 400$.
They ended up not doing anything and feel like it will close on it's own..
Great. Poor baby!

 Anna and John had a little layover on their way back to Wisconsin from the honeymoon in Hawaii and stopped by to say hi.

 Time to start working on the pinewood derby!
Is this for the cub scouts or the Dad's? I'm not sure they even know.

 I always have plenty of help in the kitchen!

 I purposely put all of my make up on my tall dresser so that she wouldn't get into it.. I guess not high enough.

Ryan and I booked our first ever cruise. Just a short trip to Mexico!
It should be fun, I hope. Seasickness here I come!

 How do they sleep like this?

 And here we are again!
This time Ryan and I were at a meeting when Ella calls us that Lila hit her head on my night table and split her head open pretty bad.
The good thing was Ella did everything right! She got a towel and help pressure on it and walked her over to our neighbor/bishopric member.
They cleaned it and gave her a little band-aid until Ryan and I could get there.
I haven't driven that fast in a long time.

 So seven stitches later and there's no doubt she will have a scare.
I hope all of the kids learned a good lesson about being a puppy on a leash.
I'm just glad Ella didn't freak out and that she did everything the right way.
Poor Lila, she was so brave! She was great until she was coming off of some medicine to keep her calm and she really had a freak out. Pulling my hair and scratching my face.
The doctor said it was normal, but we both shed some tears then.

I've been in young womens for a while now, I even started an instagram for the girls.

 With Ryan's day off and nothing to do, we decided to hit some museums. 
The kids loved the BYU art museum.

After we grabbed something to eat and Lila would only wanted to sit up on the counter.
Worked for us!

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