Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Activities

 The week of Easter! One of my favorite times!
We always have lots of fun things to do.
The kids loved coloring eggs!

 Bizzy and her family drove down early and met us for some fun Easter egg hunts!
It was a pretty cold morning, but the kids were so happy, they didn't care.

 These girls still have a hard time- they walk around trying to find their favorite color egg or the prettiest one and then all of them are gone..

After finding eggs we were able to decorate some sugar cookies!

But the fun wasn't over yet!
We actually drove over and went to another egg hunt not far away!

These boys are such good buddies!

 After the second hunt there was an Easter bunny to take pictures with. I have to say I'm surprised that nobody was crying.. he was kind of scary to me.

As if that wasn't enough sugar for breakfast- we went and got donuts after too!

Bizzy is the new Grandma Jelli!
The kids loved dancing!

 After two egg hunt, donuts and playing at our house it was time to go to Jet's birthday party!
We got to go bowling with Bizzy, her little family, her in-laws and our Dad.
Hey look- pictures of me! 

 LOVE that pose! What a ham!

 Lila found a great little spot to hang out.
and drink all of my soda.

 Happy birthday sweet Jet! So happy we were able to spend your day with you!

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