Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Riggs are Here

After my amazing ladies trip, it was nice to get home and see my babies and Ryan again!
Out to dinner and playing in the park.

My sister Sarah has started an instagram called All Things Beautifully. 
It's made me rethink my make up routine. Trying to get out of a make up rut is harder then it seems.

Summer is in full swing! I love the view from my bedroom.. and I love that the city is trimming all of the weeds!

And finally after talking about it for over a year, THE RIGGS CAME TO UTAH!!
Justin and Katrina are so good about coming to see us pretty often, or meeting us in Vegas, but it was extra fun to have all of their kids here again!

After a long car ride, I'm sure it was nice to get out and throw some rocks in the cool Utah air.. not the sweltering heat of Arizona.

Ryan tried to get Jack to swim in the pond.. Jack didn't like that idea.

With so many people we had some different sleeping arrangements. Sweet Lila.

We decided to all go spend the morning checking out the outlets.
These girls might not have seen each other in a while, but very quickly they were the very best of friends. Even holding hands.
Then we took all of the kids to see the new minions movie.

Then it was time to head to Mapleton for the Pioneer day celebration! I look forward to it all year long! 
All of the children got their ping pong ball and anxiously waiting to hear if their number was called..and this year someone actually won! Way to go Preston!!

The skydivers jumped while we all had snacks and played.
My parents, cousins, Lisa and even more friends were there to help celebrate!

So much fun having the Riggs here for this again!

These girls...

The band wasn't the same as it has been in years before, but they were still pretty good.

It was so fun to see Ryan really getting into it and even dancing!

Justin and Ryan dancing with their babies!

Lila started getting tired... 

The fireworks never disappoint!

The next morning we hung out, rode the ATVS and the Jack found out what it was like to have brothers.

The Riggs decided to get Pass of all Passes while they were here, so we ran to Costco to pick them up. Someone wasn't so thrilled with that idea.

Sweet little Kendall felt much better by the time we made it to Traffalga. 

Kendall only likes to wear dresses and I love matching.. 

The big kids, ready to race!

Jack was so happy he was big enough to go alone. I felt so bad though, he wouldn't stop squirting water on all of the parents!

Poor Lilly! I feel so bad that I convinced her to go on this ride! I really thought she would think it was fun.. Seeing as she almost fell out, I don't think I'll encourage her to go on it again for a long time.

The Riggs LOVE Dip N Dots!

Of course we always have to go to Tucanos whenever the Riggs are in town.
This is the only picture I got. It's so good, but Ryan always almost throws up after.

We decided to go get some dessert... what is he doing??

I love these guys together! Jack was telling Kylie that someday they would get married on a mountain.. This picture is going on their wedding video.

We were all so excited! LAGOON!!

We were so happy that the new ride Cannibal was open!
Ella was a little nervous to say the least. Poor girl. I didn't make her go.

Ok, that was for sure the scariest roller coaster I've ever been on! It's only holding you down by a little thing holding down your hips! I seriously don't know how that is legal! I don't know if I would ever go on it again.

The day was getting long and hot, some of the littles were able to take a nap.

Poor Lilly!!

I decided that after the last major roller coaster, I was done for the day. Way to go Dakota and Katrina!

Lagoon was so fun! I'm so glad we got to go again and that the Riggs were able to come along.
Another great adventure.

After that Justin had to go home and back to work for a couple of days.
So Katrina and I were left to entertain the children.
We decided to go check out all of the puppies at the Puppy Barn.

Everyone got to try their first bubble tea, Ryan's favorite.

Then we were off to the park to let the kids run around.
See that Lilly is wearing a dress.. she might be catching the only wear a dress thing..

The next day all of the kids sat around and played on their electronics.
No way.
Time to get out in nature.

We drove up the canyon to show the kids just how beautiful Utah is.
Maybe they will want to move here!

We found some creatures and the kids loved feeding them some chips!
They seriously stayed there for over an hour trying to coax it out over and over.

Time for dinner and marshmallows!

Another photo for a possible wedding video.
Seriously! Some of these kids have to work out somehow!

We tried to keep pretty busy with all of these kids! We took them all to the Zoo!

They have these cool Dinosaurs all over the park.

There five minutes and it's already snack time!

The famous Lion drinking fountain.

All of our little baby birds.

The otters and sea lions were so fun to watch.

An all time favorite thing.

Lila was just a little scared of some of the bug exhibits.. 

We all did some back to school shopping and played games. I loved watching these kids play together.

We went to Seven peaks a couple of times.
(It's always hard to take pictures when we are there)

I always told the kids I would never buy food there, since it's so expensive. I made an exception this time since the Riggs were with us. They loved those nasty pizzas so much!

It seemed like almost every night we would end up at the pond feeding the ducks and skipping rocks.

After a long day at work and a longer day of playing.. I guess you can fall asleep like this.

Another seven peaks day, this time there was a little carnival set up! The kids loved it.
This ride made me so sick that I had to go lay down in the shade and try not to barf. I don't know how the kids did it!?

It was so hot and I was so ready to get into the water, but these girls were having too much fun.

We finally made it to the pool. I love letting the kids play in the wave pool while I just sit and watch. That's what summer is about.

So tired after so much fun!

There were lots of dress ups, hair and make up going on with these princesses.

My favorite- Gunnar!!

Our last night and the Riggs go out to dinner with us and another of Ryan's favorite, PF Changs.
We had an awesome waiter named Mark.
So sad to see them leave....

The last morning and I have no idea how Lila ended up UNDER the bed..

With a couple hours to spare before heading back to Arizona we all went to the Highland city Parade and carnival.

These kids have grown so much closer, I hope they will all be lifelong friends.

It was so hot! Lila found some shade and a nice spot to sit with Gunnar. He's so good with babies!

So much candy!!

After the parade we went to the little petting zoo.
The little girls loved it!

Lila saw the horses and could not take it! She HAD to ride one!

Never know who you're going to see at things like this..

The babies were so excited to see so many princesses, especially Elsa!

One last lunch before they hit the road.. and then they were off.
It was such a fun week!! I can't wait for them to come back again soon.
Love you Riggs!!
Now time to catch up on laundry and maybe a nap!

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