Sunday, August 30, 2015

First Week of School

These are the texts Ella sends me when she's with her friends.

Lilly loves going to Jack soccer practices, so she can play with her "friends" or the other little sisters that are there.

My pretty, freckle faced girl.

Now that the older kids are in school all day.. that leaves me with the littles.
We decided to go check out IHOPS $1 pancake days!
They sure are messy with the syrup!

Ella's school has parent lunch days. It's just an opportunity to hang out with Ella at school.
I love surprising her with some of her favorite things- like meatball subs!

Again... weird pictures Ella sends me... Nice one Macel!

Now that things are more quiet around here I've loved being able to sneak up on Lilly being her sweet four year old self...

She loves to sing! I love that I was able to catch some of it on video.

Our ward had a fun pool party at the PG pool!
The kids thought it was a little chilly, but so much fun.

At first Jack was scared to jump off the diving board. Soon he warmed up and jumped over and over again!

Lila has always struggled in nursery.. and hasn't ever stayed the entire two hours.
Until.. she got new teachers. The Elliotts are amazing! She stayed the whole time and had so much fun!
(That dress was mine when I was little!)
I hope this is the start of many more happy Sundays in nursery!

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