Monday, August 17, 2015

The Last week of Summer

Jack is the second boy from the left. He's got such a great time and coach!
Still have a ton more soccer before the season ends!

I couldn't find Lila the other night.. she just wanted to cuddle with her Dad. Sleepy girl.

Someone finally got a haircut!

It's so nice living close to my parents. My Dad just called to see if Jack wanted to kick a soccer ball around with him at the park. Cherished moments!

More and more soccer practices!

The season for swimming will be over before we know it! Gotta get as many trips to Seven Peaks in as possible!

I'm so happy for my sister in law, after my brother died she was able to find happiness again with a wonderful man named Daniel. Although I wasn't able to attend the wedding, my parents did and said it was wonderful! The best part was that Aaron and Jamies kids got to spend a week with my parents while Jamie and Daniel were on their honeymoon!
Elanora is so cute and such a diva! 

Been took a while to warm up, but he loved the tramp!

They all loved feeding the ducks!

More and more soccer. Lila needed a lot of accessories this time.

I'm reading a book, when I look over to see Lila like this.. 

Jack was so proud of how hard he worked at soccer practice he wanted me to take a picture of how sweaty he was!

After nine and still laying around in bed! Those days are coming to and end quickly.

I can't remember when I took this.. maybe to show one of my sister how long my hair is. I just included it since there are hardly any pictures of me.

Time for back to school shopping! 

Someone loves make up, probably more then even I do.
She always wants to help by holding the bag.
These girls are getting so big.. and weird...

I actually love that Ella is growing up. It's so fun to see her changing and maturing. 
I just hate that means I've having to buy adult size clothing.. that's adult priced..
Grandma and Grandpa invited us to go with them the the kids to a farmers market.
The girls saw these necklaces and HAD to have one.
(Trying to get a good picture with the sun in your eye's is hard)

Fresh macaroons!

I turn around and can't find my stroller! Grandpa had taken some of the kids to pick out some veggies.

Then some ice cream at the ice cream shoppe to cool off before our walk.

Later that night Ella got to go with Neinah to FanX.

The highlight of the night was getting to meet everyone from studio C!

Girls night with Sushi!

Almost time to say goodbye to these kids. It sure was nice getting to spend so much time with them!
Until next summer!

Only a few weeks apart!
Elenora and Rosie!

My life at the moment

Sami, Bizzy and I decided to take all of the kids to the splashpad.

Ella loves Rosie and Rosie loves Ella.

This is what big sisters do. I know from experience.

Proof to Paige that there is such a thing as pizza pringles.

Ella has been looking forward to having a locker since she was a tiny little girl.
Can't believe she's already in Jr. high!

We have been gathering things to decorate her locker and she was so excited to go set everything up.
But first she had to figure out how to open it ;)

Everyone is ready!

Ryan never wants to go to Seven Peaks with us, finally the week before it closes we get him there and he LOVES it!! I guess we will have to get him there earlier in the season next year!

It's rare that these two get along so well.. have to document it!

Enough said.

Last thing on the "to do" list- Everyone got back to school haircuts!

Followed by some video games. Sweet boys!

Last trip to Seven peaks for the season! Tried on my new swimming suit.. it looks ok?

Love all of these kids! Goodbye pool!

I had promised each of the kids one last special mommy/daughter/son date before school started.
Ella and I decided to get our nails done. 
Her first real time.

All pretty and ready for school!
Only two more days!

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