Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sarah's Here

It's been so fun having my sister in town!
I wish that she lived closer, it would make things like going grocery shopping much more exciting!

We were the first to match.. twin sunglasses, yes please

One of the mornings Sarah woke up to find Liam asleep in the playroom under a tent.. ok.

Sarah sent me some pictures that she took.. including one of us having breakfast at my parents.

Her and Lilly

Uncle Tyler- he's the best!
Only missing 2 sisters!

Not sure why she took this.. but my legs look skinny :)

Sister-best friends
And then it was the night before they had to leave. SO SAD.

It was so wonderful for her to come and help and just hang out!

And very early this morning they were off...

The only thing that could make today ok was a special gift from my Grandma!
I love all of the things she send me!

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