Sunday, January 31, 2016


 January means we are still off of our schedules and sleeping in too much.

 This was all of the laundry I had after Christmas...

 Ryan and I still managed to fit some date nights in.

 I got Lilly's first school picture back- is she not the cutest!!?

 All of Christmas decor had to come down. I can say I left these cards up until the last minute.
I love getting Holiday cards!

 Cold weather calls for lots of video games with buddies.
Jack's so luck to have so many boys his same age in the neighborhood.
Levi Soren and William Knowlton are a couple of the best!

 Dance started again and this little lady could not be happier!

 Even though it's cold outside, it can still be so pretty!

 Dressing up at 11pm is so much fun!

 Ella got to spend a couple of days with the Ballard's over Christmas break.
She had a total blast! Thank you Lisa!

 Ella is getting older, it's all about being dropped off at the mall or the movies with friends now.

 They started a little band.

 Sometimes on Ryan's days off we drive around and find adventures.

 A while ago my Mom gave me a couple of boxes of things she had saved from my childhood.
As I went through my old troll dolls and journals I came upon my glasses from first grade.
Which when I put on I realized- I NEED GLASSES!
I guess my parents didn't make me wear them and we all just gave up.
But I really could see better, even with those almost 30 year old glasses.
So I got my eye's checked and sure enough, glasses.
I took forever to pick which ones I liked.. Lilly wishes she needed glasses too.

He memorized the scout oath!

 Jack got his FIRST award in Cub Scouts!
As our only boy I really savor these moments, they will be our only ones.
Congratulations to our award winning scout!

 Have I said how much I love living in the same ward as my parents!?
I love this picture, definitely one of my all time favorites.

We celebrated Jacob's birthday a little early.
I'm not sure he liked my present ;)

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